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Wireless Connectivity: Diverse Connectivity

The term wireless means different things to different people. To some it means cell phones, to others WiFi but to customers it means STABILITY. deploys both licensed and unlicensed wireless technology as an overlay to the existing telecommunications system. Our wireless network allows us to fly right over the city streets where telephone poles and conduit can be easily disrupted. It also allows us to bring connectivity from outside of your immediate area which is a great way to guard against issues that crop up from time to time in the local central office.

Check out our coverage map page which shows has a 54 sq. mile area over Boston and 45 sq miles in the Merrimack Valley utilizing unlicensed technology at several frequencies: 5.8, 5.4, 2.4 and 900 mhz. Our well developed cell/microcell design allows for better coverage with less possible interference than other wireless providers.

Unlicensed wireless technology allows to perform emergency "same day" installations as well as provide for customers with under 20 mb of emergency connectivity need.

Licensed Wireless technology allows us to provide DS3 (45 mb) all the way up to GigE over the air for customers who do not want to go through the process (or delay) of having fiber brought to the building.

Pictured left is our wireless OC3 link to the Boston Public Library and below is the 20 mile shot from Gordon College Campus. | | Toll Free 1-877-USE-USAi | Legal Notice