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Voice Services: VoIP created both our wired and our wireless networks to handle data AND voice. This means that even large enterprises can take advantage of the savings of VoIP and have it work on wired circuits and wireless during emergencies.

With VoIP service your entire office phone system can also seamlessly fail over to your DR site, or to cell phones or however your DR plan dictates.

We have several VoIP partners that work with our customers so you are not stuck with Plain Old Telephone Service any longer.

Is it time for a new PBX? You can purchase a new VoIP enabled PBX from companies like Fonality or you may want to save the expense and go with a Hosted PBX solution from companies like ISPBX.

Finally, if you like your current phone system or don't want to go through the hassle or fork lifting your current system or retraining your people, we have a hardware solution that takes a VoIP "SIP trunk" in and puts out a "Pri" signal that can plug into your existing PBX thus providing all the advantages of VoIP cost savings without the heavy cost of upgrading all of your hardware.

Take advantage of all that this new age of telecomm has to offer now.

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