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GOVERNMENT is a pre-approved vendor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts having served under ITT13 and now ITT37. We can provide Internet connectivity from Dial-up, DSL and T1 to DS3 and even GigE Fiber and Wireless. Under this contract we can also provide network consulting and design servies as well as Hosting and Server Colocation.

Is your town spending to much for a slow and outdated telco based network? can design, install, and maintain a wireless network which can literally save your community MILLION$ while providing your community with a fast, secure, state of the art network to interconnect your city buildings. We have experience working with local economic development officials to help give technology upgrades to areas that are unserved or underserved and have breathed new life into cities from Pittsfield to Boston.

WiFi and First Responders Networks
Many cities wish to have WiFi in key areas of their town. All cities could use a first responders network to allow Police, Fire and Ambulance to have wireless access for vehicles. By coordinating these initiatives between departments, can work with your city or town to accomplish both, often for less money than what you are currently spending on old technology.

SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES provides the connectivity to one of the largest and most respected libraries in the northeast: the Boston Public Library. Schools and Libraries have an ever increasing need for bandwidth but in this economy they also often have a decreasing budget. can often help increase connectivity to schools and libraries without increasing spending. We also have expertise in how school districts and Library consortiums use network resources and so we are equipped to serve and save the tax payers' dollars.

Many city's schools and libraries are eligible to receive funding from the Universal Services Fund also known as E-Rate. has a "SPIN" number and can provide the service to your community and bill the Universal Fund directly. | | Toll Free 1-877-USE-USAi | Legal Notice