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Dual Connect: Two Circuits Are Better Than One!

Your Internet connection MUST be up. It is the lifeblood of your company's communication. Your link to your customers and vendors, your email, your order processing, and even your voice, is now dependant on your Internet provider. You must "Get Connected and Stay Connected"

Traditional thinking was to get a second connection or "multi home" but the problem is the same accident that took down a pole or cut a fiber between you and the central office probably took down both links because it rides the same path. What you need is redunancy with diversity: Wired Plus Wireless.'s "Dual Connect" product is just that: one port to the Internet (so your IP addresses don't change) and two "loop" circuits: one traditional telco and one wireless "in the air" that flies across town independent of the things that can go very wrong in the streets or telco Central Office below. actually operates TWO independent, yet interconnected networks: the first is a traditional telco based wire line service which provides T1, T3, and Metro ethernet connectivity to customers. We also operate our own independent wireless network which acts as an overlay to the phone company's network in order to keep our network online no matter what problems go on at the phone company or in the streets below.

Not only is this elegant solution simple for you to implement, it is also less expensive than buying two circuits from two different providers in the traditional "multi-homed" model. One port to the internet with two loops: one wired and the second a totally diverse wireless path. Always up, and saving money at the same time.

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