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ABOUT USAI: Our Facilities | Our History | Our Team | Our Clients | Our Partners | News stories (formerly MVA.NET LTD) is a privately held, Massachusetts based corporation with headquarters located in Haverhill, Ma founded in 1997. We are an approved vendor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under ITT37 for providing services to Municipalities and Government entities and operate with the Universal Services Administration Corporation for e-rate funding of Schools and Libarary's Internet projects.

Our History
We started in 1997 as MVA.NET Ltd as part of an economic development initiative for the City of Haverhill in the Merrimac Valley region of Massachesetts. Being Haverhill natives we had grown tired of watching the old mill towns falling apart with age and decided to do something about it. Our region, just north of the 128 technology belt was home to Lucent and Cisco and there were many smaller high tech companies that created both software and hardware for them.

A group of us who had been successful in our professional lives decided to transform the abandoned downtown mill area into a "cyberdistrict." Some of our friends went on to be Mayor and others city councilors and still others moved their businesses into the district and we planted an ISP in the downtown area and ordered enough new telephone/data service to get the telephone company to rewire downtown Haverhill. We had about 35 businesses move into the district during the Internet boom.

By 1999 we realized that the other "business districts" namely the industrial parks at the edge of towns were located too far away from the central office to get any DSL. In addition, since business parks generally do not have residential nearby it was option impossible to get cable modems into the business parks which meant no inexpensive Internet connectivity was available out there by the highway at the edge of town.

So in 1999 we began deploying "fixed wireless broadband" to reach the parks and created a wireless cell within the park. This allowed us to create a business class Internet connection with a DSL price tag. By August of 2001 we had built tower sites throughout the lower Merrimac Valley. During 2001-2004, while many other ISPs large and small fell by the wayside, we kept on growing and even bought other ISPs.

In 2002 we began to grow our business not only through sales, but also by acquisition of other ISP assets as we purchased the hosting and dial up business of another MA based ISP

We grew again in 2004 as we purchased the assets of a nation wide wireless ISP Broadband 2 Wireless or "BB2W" as well as assets from Boston based wireless ISP and moved our focus onto the Boston business market.

In 2005 we became the ISP for the Boston Public Library the Boston Main Streets WiFi initiative and Bay State College

In 2008 we became the ISP for Gordon College and began partnering with MacLeathe Preservation Group for providing high availability connectivity and disaster recovery services. | | Toll Free 1-877-USE-USAi | Legal Notice